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Provide TECHNOLOGY based solutions to further reduce manufacturing costs.  Develop TRUST with our customers, partners and suppliers.  Ensure CAPACITY to meet customer's HVM requirements.

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Jim Photo

Jim Hughins

President & CEO

Since Jim joined the semiconductor industry in 1984 as the quality control manager for a photomask manufacturer in Silicon Valley, he continually witnessed problems being addressed with quick, temporary fixes.  He observed the same in 1992 when he entered the waste gas abatement business.  Rather than addressing the root cause of problems, better bandages were used and large field service teams were employed to maintain operations.  Jim co-founded Qolibri to change this industry direction by delivering advanced technologies to address root cause problems in the subfab.  Prior to Qolibri, Jim held management positions at Watkins-Johnson, Lam Research, ATMI, and DAS Environmental Expert.  He co-founded Micro C Technologies, a semiconductor equipment company focused on rapid thermal processing (RTP), which was sold to Hitachi Kokusai in 2000.  Jim received his BS in Mathematics and Fine Arts from Principia College.


Dr. Imad Mahawili


The manufacturing of high technology is a continuous process of precise replication, cost optimization and ongoing dynamic resolution of legacy and latent problems.  These problems can be solved through creative technical solutions efficiently with a key focus on the COO, whether the solution requires disruptive technology or innovative hardware modifications.  Imad began his career at Dupont developing ultra-high-pressure catalytic reactors for chemical feedstocks synthesis from coal.  He later directed the startup team at Genus to develop CVD tungsten silicide deposition equipment.  This led to co-founding Micro C Technologies, where he invented advanced silicon wafer heating and device side temperature measurement RTP technology.  He has extensive expertise in renewable energy and biomass technology.  Imad received his Bachelor and Ph. D. degrees in chemical engineering from Imperial College, University of London.