Breakthrough Technology to Reduce Costs in Semiconductor Manufacturing Subfabs

For too many decades, problems in the subfab have not been solved with technology, but rather by finding quick and simple fixes.  The real technology innovations have been in the fab.

Qolibri is bringing advanced, novel and proprietary technologies to the subfab with a goal of significantly reducing chip manufacturing costs.

Our first focus at Qolibri is waste gas management.  Current systems offered by existing abatement suppliers have led to frequent preventative maintenance and costly consumable parts.  While this increased service business has helped abatement suppliers reach their financial goals,  it has significantly increased manufacturing costs.

Qolibri plans to introduce new technologies for waste gas abatement and foreline particle removal in 2019.  Successful deployment of Qolibri technologies will change the landscape of the subfab, leading to substantially reduced manufacturing costs.

Stay tuned!